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How To Build
Truth Engine

feature length documentary

135 minutes, DCP, color




director: Friedrich Moser

executive producer: George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Tonmoy Monsoor, Geoffrey Smith

producer: Friedrich Moser, Amina Bayou, Ivan Williams, Robert Rippberger

Screenwriter: Friedrich Moser

director of photography: Friedrich Moser

editors: Gernot Grassl, Anna Kirst

sound designer: Bernd Dormayer

music: Thomas Kathriner, Verena Zeiner, Christoph Stock

re-recording mix: Michael Ploederl

story editing: Geoffrey Smith, Jesper Osmund

animations: Jamie Balliu

colorist: Lee Niederkofler

head of production: Peter Janecek


Disinformation and conspiracy theories have reached a level unwitnessed since the turmoil of the 1930s. Feature documentary, "How To Build A Truth Engine", portrays a crack-team of investigators from the fields of technology, journalism, folklore and neuroscience who show that if you hack the information feed, you can hack somebody’s mind. Following their personal journeys they take us from the information battlefields into the inner workings of the human brain and show how - through us - a web of lies can change reality.

Official Website


SXSW 2024 - world premiere

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